1 • How To Set Up Your Circle Of Creativity™

My Circle Of Creativity™ Easy Setup

1. Choose your pattern disc from your My Circle of Creativity (C.O.C.), and insert the disc into the center. Be sure to line up the numbers of your disc to match the numbers on the outer ring of your C.O.C.

2. Pick out either the 8 or 10 threads needed to make your bracelet. Each disc specifies how many of each color are needed. You will need 8 threads folded in half to make a 16 thread pattern & 10 threads folded in half to make the 20 thread pattern.

3. Align all your threads together end to end, fold them in half and tie a knot about a half inch from the top to form your loop.

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4. Now you will need to set up your threads according to the disc you have chosen. Drop your knot in the center of the circle. Arrange your threads in the string holder. Each color corresponds with a number on your disc. Start with the string in #1 and work your way around clockwise placing the thread in the corresponding slot. You will need the number of bobbins your pattern requires (16 or 20).

Wind each bobbin with the corresponding thread. The easiest way to wind your bobbin is to take the end of your thread and feed it through the slot in the top of the bobbin. Pull the end of your thread down along the post of the bobbin and twist your bobbin so that the thread wraps around it. Once you have wound enough of your thread, place your bobbin in its correct slot. Thread all 16 or 20 of your bobbins and makesure that your knot is in the center hole of your C.O.C. in a downward position.

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